Hostage Situation

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If in my last post I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the way I’d been expressing myself before, I’m now less than happy about that last post itself. Undoubtedly, I’ll be unhappy tomorrow with what I’m writing now. It doesn’t matter.

I’m tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night on account of my brother-in-law keeping me awake with his snoring. The holiday house we’re renting is a bit cramped to accommodate both our families, so he and I are kind of camping out in the living room. He really snores very loudly, especially when he’s lying on his back.

Everyone’s up now and about the house, and I’ve retreated to the children’s bedroom. Everyone thinks I’m trying to catch up on some sleep. But I’m in a strange mood. Too strange a mood to sleep.

I’m thinking of the game I finished two days ago: Full Throttle. The character you play, Ben, is the leader of a bikers gang called the Polecats, but there’s almost zero interaction between you and them due to their being taken hostage early on in the game and out of the picture for most of the rest of it.

I feel like my family has been taken hostage from me in the living room and I have to type this post on my phone in the bedroom as part of the trade-off to see them released–so strange is the mood I’m in.

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