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You’re not going to believe this. We’ve been here 23 days and 22 nights. We’ve had a blood moon during that time. Our two boys have befriended two Danish girls of about their age. My wife and I have befriended a Colombian-English couple who live in Manchester. We’ve all befriended the life guard at the neighborhood pool and his girlfriend, who are both from Toledo, Spain.

He’s told me about the mysterious tunnels underneath his hometown. He’s shown me a video on his phone of the street races that used to take place in its mountainous outskirts. He’s swum with me in his swimming pool after everyone else had left.

Not once in those 23 days and 22 nights has it rained.

Tonight, on the 23rd and last night, as I’m sitting on the roof terrace of our holiday house after we’ve said goodbye, it suddenly starts to rain.

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