Sabotage is an O clone

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This morning I woke up to the thought: “Sabotage is an O clone.” As I mulled the sentence over in my slowly awakening mind, I got the distinct feeling that “Sabotage” and “O” were referring to games, and that Sabotage was a clone of O in much the same way as Allods Online is said to be a WoW clone.

I didn’t get anything else from Sabotage initially, but O brought Osmos to mind, the game where you incorporate smaller cells–smaller Os–by eating them.

Now we had a less than stellar dinner last night, having stepped in a bit of a tourist trap in Madrid’s Opera neighborhood, which also starts with an O. By 4 in the morning my belly had swollen like the cells in Osmos do when they absorb other cells.

The word Sabotage is now beginning to open up too. The reason I felt it referenced a game is because it can be written like this: SabotAge, which is reminiscent of ArcheAge‘s spelling.

Today my wife and I retraced some of the steps that led us into the tourist trap, and there seems indeed to have been some sabotage at play. But rather than allowing the bare fact to become conscious, I appear to have sent myself an embellished message: “Sabotage is an O clone”. After some decoding, the message reads something like this: your swollen belly may be as much due to the sabotage you’ve had to swallow as to the inferior food you ingested.

No, it hasn’t all been friendship and moonshine during our holiday.

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