Past Midnight

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Something’s wrong. It’s past midnight and it’s still today. I mean, it’s still the same day it’s been since before midnight. My computer’s clock says it’s 24:03 on Thursday. What it should be saying is 00:03 on Friday. My phone has 12:03 pm. The clock in the kitchen has stopped, hands neatly folded over the 12.

My internet’s down. Trello says trying to reconnect. WordPress has been “Saving Draft…” since–well, since midnight, I guess. Grim Fandango, despite not requiring an internet connection, skipped a cutscene, leaving me to imagine how I made my way from the Land of the Dead to the Land of the Living.

I’m sitting at my wife’s laptop in the kitchen, looking out the window onto the terrace, the frog pond and the garden. The terrace is being lit by light spilling out from the kitchen; the pond and the garden aren’t. I’m simply guessing they’re there.

24:04 says the laptop clock. 12:04 my phone. I find myself wishing the kitchen clock had a seconds hand. Or a date flipper worked into it, maybe next to the 3.

Candy, our cat, just leapt out of the dark beyond the terrace–in pursuit of a frog, I now see. So everything’s still there.

Or was it? 00:04 says the laptop clock. Friday.


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