Pulling The Plug, Part 1: The Great Adventure

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I still couldn’t do it. I went in for one last look around before pulling the plug and I immediately felt I wouldn’t be capable of it.

At the same time, I sensed a possible way out of the stalemate. I sensed it when I was fumbling with the screenshot for my previous post: the one with the hieroglyphs lining the temple walls.

I guess the idea must have been germinating ever since I linked to Jimmy’s and Syp’s playthroughs in that post. Both rely on screenshots to capture stuff that would’ve been difficult to capture in words.

And I sensed that a similar approach to Glyffe might give me the sense of closure I seem to be craving. But since I can’t reasonably expect to enlist either Jimmy’s or Syp’s services, I realized the task of doing the playthroughs would fall on me.

And so it befalls the creator to reacquaint himself with his creation before terminating it. That’s Frankenstein, isn’t it? Or at least it could have been Frankenstein, given the proper treatment. I created a monster and now I must play with it before I can kill it.

I have only one regret: that I didn’t think of this while IntPiPoMo was still running. Who knows, I might even have given Belghast a run for his money. Now that would’ve been something.

Anyway, back to Glyffe. As its days are officially numbered now, I’ll use the past tense to guide you along. It’s my hope that doing so will have become correct usage by the time you read this. But let’s begin.

When you entered the worlds of Glyffe for the first time, you were redirected to the starter world called The Great Adventure.

Bumping into the light switch did wonders for the atmosphere.

You could go left.

Or right.

Whichever way you went, you always ended up in the middle. That’s so true, isn’t it?

In the next screen, the description of the explorer’s getup was in a different color.

When you bumped into it, you got to wear it.

Unlike real mirrors, you had to bump into this one to make it act like one.

After a few seconds, it changed back to simply “mirror” and you could go around it towards the knight’s armor and put it on.

At this point, you were supposed to go back to look at yourself in the mirror again.

Sure, what’s one more change?

I right-clicked myself and changed my characters from “A knight errant…” to something stronger.

But the crate still wouldn’t budge.

So I went around it to try on the exoskeleton.

Now we’re talking. Or pushing as proved to be the case.

The remainder of that rather long line of text:

Next time, we’ll dive into Field of Flowers. But I must say, I already feel more like terminating this thing than before we set out on our little tour. That means it must be working, mustn’t it?

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