Glyffe User Agreement

The Glyffe software and service is provided by Tom Delanoy who will be referred to as ‘Tom’ for the remainder of this document. By running the Glyffe software or using the Glyffe service and related services such as the web site, message boards and social media sites, you acknowledge that you agree to these rules and policies, and will abide to them. You agree that these rules will apply to anyone that you allow to use your computer or your account, and that you are personally responsible for the consequences, including suspension from the game, the message boards and/or the web site, that may result if any such individual violates these rules. You acknowledge that if your account(s) and privileges to use the Glyffe service are terminated by Tom for any reason, you will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid for special items and you will forfeit any unused time on said special items that you have remaining at the time of the termination.

These Rules and Policies may be changed, and new rules may be added, at any time. You agree to check this document from time to time to review any new rule changes that Tom may have made.

You further agree to read carefully Glyffe’s Terms of Service located here.


PREFACE: Most of our rules are about showing respect for the other people that you interact with while you are playing Glyffe. In most instances, if you aren’t deliberately trying to make someone else upset or unhappy, you won’t be breaking any rules. However, to make things more clear for everyone and provide guidelines, we’ve put together the following list of rules which are enforced by Tom.

1. You may not “spam”. Spamming is the continued flooding of the screen with the same thing or nonsense text. This includes the use of third-party software that encrypts text so that it can only be read by users of the same software (other players only see garbled text).

2. Anything resembling combat or inciting violence must be kept out of Glyffe’s Main World. This includes assaults of any kind.

3. You may not use any offensive, sexually explicit, racially offensive or hateful language anywhere in Glyffe. You may not play characters that are under 18 or that appear childlike. “Age-Play” is prohibited in Glyffe. These rules also apply to descriptions (Devices) you create, player (Hero) characters, World Keys, bookmark notes, usernames, and voice and video chat connected to a Glyffe event.

4. You may not harass other players, sexually or otherwise. Rape and public vulgarity are serious offenses in Glyffe, and will result in severe consequences. If you see this kind of behavior, please take screenshots and report it to Tom ( immediately. Reports must be submitted in a timely manner for them to be actionable. Intent matters, so even seemingly non-offense word choices or behaviors may be considered harassment if your aim is to upset another player or make their Glyffe experience unpleasant.

5. You may not prevent other players from entering Worlds or accessing areas therein. World creators have the right to regulate who comes into their own Worlds (by locking them with a Key), and can eject or banish players from their Worlds at their own discretion. Tom will not interfere with ejections or World-specific banishments decided on by World creators.

6. In role-playing, when someone says or poses something that imposes a result on your character, or states or implies that you have done something specific, you may choose to proceed as if that thing never happened to you. This is known as the consent rule. If you are playing in a World that has its own combat system or other sets of rules, however, you are expected to do your best to play along with those rules while you are in that World. World creators always have the final say on such matters within their own Worlds.

7. Device locations in Main World are assigned on a “first come, first served” basis, and remain in place as long as the Device owner does not move their Device. The exception to this is when taking spots as a means of harassment. Harassment of Worlds in Glyffe is not allowed. Device location is forfeited when the Device runs out of Time To Live. Devices in Main World cannot overlap.

8. Tom does not help with or enforce role-play or IC (in-character) continuity rules or storylines. The exception to this is rape or “ageplay” in any World, or any role-play that violates the rules and policies outlined in this document. With the exception of rape, “ageplay”, server crashing, large-scale harassment and other rule violations that affect a player or Glyffe beyond the scope of the World, enforcement of anything within a player owned World is up to the World creator.

9. Bots and proxies are not supported in Glyffe. Players are responsible for keeping their bots within the rules and out of Main World. All messages emoted/emitted by bots must comply with these rules and may not exceed the length of 150 characters. If a bot or proxy interferes with the game service, its use is not permitted. See also the rule about use of third party software.

10. Third party software, including proxies, bot tools and other utilities, are not supported by Tom. If you use such programs, you are responsible that they do not interfere with the operation and stability of the Glyffe service, and that they do not harm or harass other players. Additionally, Tom assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage that third party software may cause to your system, including but not limited to infection with viruses or trojans, system crashes, loss of files, etc. Players who choose to use one or more third party software programs do so at their own risk. It is a violation of these terms to make or use any third party program that breaks any agreements in this document or rules that you were notified of in the game. The use of third party software that automatically creates characters (Heroes) is not permitted.

If you use any third party software to enable you to connect to Glyffe, including but not limited to proxies or third party clients, Tom makes no guarantee that software will remain available and will continue to be compatible with future Glyffe updates. Any maintenance, bug fixes and updates that may be required in such third party applications are the sole responsibility of the authors of the software, and if they choose not to maintain their software Tom takes no responsibility for fixing it, updating it, or compensating users for any loss of ability to access Glyffe that may result.

11. You may not impersonate Glyffe representatives, employees of Tom and associated companies, or pretend to be a member of staff. It is also not permitted to create characters (Heroes) for the sole purpose of impersonating, making fun of, insulting, or harassing other players.

12. You may under no circumstances log onto another player’s account, nor may you attempt to gain the account information of other players or distribute their passwords to other players. Accounts may not be shared, gifted, sold, traded or purchased under any circumstances.

13. You may not use Glyffe to obtain or distribute personal “real life” information (ie: name, phone number, location and address, etc..) or media (ie: photographs, audio or video recordings, etc..) of other players without their prior express permission. This includes posting URLs in Glyffe which show such things. You may also not publicly post or distribute private conversations (such as one-on-one chats, or chats that took place in locked Worlds) without prior express permission from all parties, or link to such logs, screenshots, videos, and so forth.

14. Players under eighteen years of age may use Glyffe only with permission and direct supervision of their parents or legal guardians, and their legal guardians must create their account. Parents or legal guardians are legally responsible for the actions of their minor children and dependent adults in Glyffe or on any services offered by Tom.

15. You may not attempt to hack or crash the server or related services, and you may not exploit any bug or vulnerability in Glyffe, the web site or the forum. If you find a critical bug or vulnerability, you must immediately notify Tom. You may not communicate the existence of any such bug to any other player, post the information on our forum or make the details public in any other way. Attempting to break or breaking the World Locks is also not allowed.

16. It is solely your own responsibility to ensure that you do not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation. You agree to indemnify Tom from any liability which may arise from any such violations, or from any other actions you take which cause harm or damages to another individual, whether they are a Glyffe player or not.

17. Temporary policies may go into effect at any time for various things going on in-world and for related services. These will not be listed in this document, but you may be informed of them through other means such as an opening screen announcement, in-game announcement, entry text on Worlds, or a message, email or other form of communication directly from Tom. You agree that you will abide by these when informed of them.